the ultimate showering experience

Our Niagara Digital Showering range is designed to make a bold statement in your bathroom. Innovative features provide precise control over your showering experience with simple controls, instant temperature adjustment, intuitive LCD

digital display and illuminated LED lights.


The entire range is thermostatically stable to ensure maximum safety and

comfortable showering.

cutting edge features
Cool Touch

Our sophisticated shower controls

are kept completely separate from

the water in the valve, ensuring they

are always safe to touch.

Easy Divert

Niagara digital shower valves have a diverter function for up to 4 outlets, providing the maximum showering flexibility. Changing between outlets is easy with icons clearly indicating your selection.

Control Dial

Flow is activated by pressing the

Control Dial. Once the system is

turned on, simply turn the dial to

change to desired temperature.

Coloured LED lights glow like a halo around the Control Dial to indicate the set temperature.

Digital_Modern 2.jpg
LCD Digital Display

Our innovative easy to read

digital display accurately

outputs the precise temperature

and selected outlet. Simple,

clear and highly responsive.

Automatic Safety Shut Down

If the water or power supply

fails, the shower will turn off

completely for your safety,

enhanced safety feature gives you

complete reassurance.

intuitive illumination

Intuitive coloured LED lights change depending on the set temperature. This visual cue makes

showering simple & safe, letting you know when the water is getting hotter and cooling down.

Blue Light.jpg

0 - 25 degrees

Purple Light.jpg

25 - 40 degrees

Red Light.jpg

40 - 45 degrees

further information

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